PMC Equipment – Growing From Our Strengths. Discover the Recipe for a Strong Partnership with us

What can #PMCEquipment do for you? Everyone throughout our spray foam insulation and coatings industry recognizes that PMC, as an organization, is always there for our distributors and our #PMCContractors. You speak, we listen.

No matter what you do, no matter what you don’t do, whatever you make time for, the clock is always ticking. Wasted time is just lost time that can never be used again. #PMCEquipment acknowledges these fundamental principles.

We use electro-mechanical switches and relays in our machines. Compared to costly fragile printed circuit board-based machines, our machines last longer and are easier to fix and require less maintenance. What does that mean to you? It should mean a lot!

PMC Global, Inc. is a privately-held management company and resource partner with corporate offices in three states and more than 20 subsidiaries in 10 U.S. states and 17 countries. From its roots in the early stages of the plastics polymer modification industry a half century ago, not bound by stockholder interests. #PMC is driven by our loyal distributor and dependable #PMCContractor concerns. Our machines are competitively priced and outperform every other comparable plural component spray proportioner. When maintenance and servicing are considered, #PMCEquipment spray foam insulation machines have significantly lower lifetime costs than our competitors. How much time do you spend on maintenance? When your equipment fails, how long does it take before you are up and running? When you’re down, are you still earning $$$?

Our machines are made in the United States of America (USA) by highly skilled workers in our New Jersey-based manufacturing facility. They are constructed to exacting standards, and they are 100% guaranteed. Our #PMCEquipment can withstand varying extreme temperatures and climates. We have fully functioning, nearly indestructible equipment in virtually every inhabitable area on earth. An international distributor has had critical success in Mongolia, specifically the Gobi Desert, where temperatures often vary 65 degrees in less than 24 hours. Think about that – from freezing temperatures to considerably warmer temperatures back down to freezing. Can your spray equipment do that? PMC’s can!

All of these factors keep our partners even more competitive. You want to build true and strong relationships? Then come and discover the recipe at #PMCEquipment. You’ll learn how to partner and how to make your connection stronger, based on authenticity, so we can stand by each other: We will never be dead weight, we’ll always go out of our way to be the best support system. And more than that, you will learn how to be a great partner for your customers. Can you say the same about your current partners? We know our partners will say this about PMC!


  • 100′ Heated Hoses – Eliminate connection points and start spraying faster.
  • Learn about our new machine platforms and what industries they serve.
  • Can you get 35-50 sets out of your Side Seals and Mixing Chambers? How much time would that save you?
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