PMC’s PH-2 Proportioner Works Perfectly After Crash

PMC was flattered, but not surprised, to get the call from Zbignev Andrukianec, of Lithuania.

He is a Spray Foam contractor who was in a horrible crash with his spray foam rig.  He thought his business days operating his spray foam company were over when he was in this awful crash. But amazingly, his PMC PH-2 proportioner not only survived – but continued to operate – helping Zbigney get his business back up and running.

Zbigney called PMC and was happy to say “PMC’s machine was so tough and rugged that it could take such a beating and still perform as though nothing had ever happened to it.” Moreover, he was elated that his business could continue without missing a beat

Photo 1: Drums crash into the machine (L)
Photo 2: Mangled drum with transfer pump–pump still works! (Ct)
Photo 3: PH-2 machine still working after being jolted and pummeled by drums. (R)

Spray Foam Insider published this recent article about the crash and how well the PMC PH-2 proportioner helped this contractor’s business!