I don’t always buy on price; I buy on the dependability and quality of the equipment that’s going to make my company successful and for me that’s PMC. For myself and the IE team, we enjoy the simplicity of using PMC’s PHX-40 spray machine and the ease of troubleshooting, we like not having to work with computer PLC’s, control boards and interfaced operations. We set the pressures and heat on the unit and spray all day without issue. PMC equipment is made entirely in the USA and, that means everything to us.

Mark Stillwachs
Owner Inside Edge Waterproofing

The PH-25 is user-friendly. I can train a crew member how to use it in no time. It’s easy to diagnose, the maintenance is simple, the output is good, and it’s been the most reliable machine we’ve ever had. It’s great for production because it does what we need it to do and keeps on going when we need it most…These machines are especially important for us because we’re in Minnesota where temperatures can get very cold. What we’ve found is that the PH-25 works well in a wide range of temperatures. This machine has allowed us to grow and expand our business. That’s why we’ve purchased more of them.

Corey Poepping
Tri-County Foam Insulation in Alexandria, Minnesota

Anything we asked for we got…If anyone is in doubt about the products and service from PMC, give me a call.

Sal Piccione
VP Hygrade Insulators

I know it is part of Tom Rivera’s job as Technical Service manager to handle these types of calls but I just wanted to reach out because as a Tech at IDI we service a number of brands of equipment and we are suppose to be the expert on all of them. When we get stumped it is nice to have guys like Tom that jump right in as a Team member and help out. He truly made IDI and PMC look like ROCKSTARS to this customer, who I am proud to say is now 100% an IDI Customer and glad he purchased a spray foam machine that comes with support after the sale!

Bill Bradley
Spray Foam Tech IDI Distributors

The PMC unit sprayed and performed perfectly for the entire job and subsequently dozens since. I’m sold on the PMC equipment, the quality and performance and the guys that stand behind their products.

Stan Betz
President BN Contracting LLC