PMC Contractor Spotlight: Mid-American Coating Systems – Polyurea & Spray Foam

PMC is so proud to be affiliated with Mid-America Coating Systems.  Dennis Davidson submitted this article to Spray Foam Insider about the PMC PHX-40 proportioner that he chose when he built his new rig. He says his “choice was simple” and it was PMC! 

Check out the full article here and on Spray Foam Insider:

“When building my spray rig, I had to decide which equipment would best serve my needs. Having been in the spray foam and coating industry for about 38 years, I was used to doing it all. I needed to be able to spray foam in a house one day, then install a foam and/or polyurea coating roof the next day. I needed a proportioning machine, a power generator, and an air compressor that, together, could handle just about anything. I also needed all the complementary equipment to accomplish a variety of tasks. When it came time to decide which proportioning machine I wanted, in my latest rig, the choice was simple. I chose PMC’s PHX-40 high pressure machine. I had built a few rigs before this one, all of which included PMC’s equipment. This equipment helped me achieve success over many years.

When I started in the foam and coating industry, back in the early 1980’s, we had very few machines to choose from. The standard back then was the Gusmer “FF” and the Gusmer “H-2”. Today’s PMC equipment is designed around the old Gusmer equipment style. When I say “old”, I mean tried and true equipment. PMC’s design is (for the most part) simplistic and easy to use. Staying with this reliable, dependable design was something I had to keep doing. In my experience, the more technical the equipment gets, the more complicated the process.

My spray rigs have traveled all over the country. Traveling down many types of roads, with rig in tow, generates a lot of vibration transfer to the equipment. The equipment I use must be rugged enough to endure the harsh environment of being on the road for weeks at a time. One of my most memorable rigs contained a PMC high pressure GH-25 machine, which was used mostly to spray polyurea. It successfully operated all over the country for nine years! The only repair made to this machine was replacing a burned out electrical switch….in nine years! Now that’s rugged! Choosing proportioning equipment has always been easiest part of crafting my spray rigs. It’s always PMC!”

PMC-Polymac USA is proud to know Mid-Atlantic Coating Systems – Polyurea & Spray Foam company.