$700 in FREE PMC Xtreme Spray Gun Spare Parts, Don’t get caught unprepared.

Presently, almost every spray foam industry manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and service center is experiencing shortages of some kind.  PMC is here to help.  $700 in FREE inventory!

Like many hard-working, intelligent, business-minded spray foam insulation equipment owners within the plural component spray industry, the thought of when will “it” ever end charges through your mind. “It” is the latest development in the supply-chain crisis that currently plagues our industry. This plague has lasted for nearly two years for some polyurea and spray foam contractors and even longer for others. Many hoped the polyurethane industry would see relief several months ago, and many were wrong. This trend is the norm for 2021. Demand and pricing are up, while supply is down. We all must adjust accordingly or else!   PMC is providing the ability to prevent inventory shortages with the FREE, $700 Xtreme Spare Parts Special.  PMC Equipment is well stocked and encourages ordering your required inventory for the remainder of 2021 and 2022.  

Global and local deliveries are unpredictable and often behind schedule.  Foreign-made and overseas chemicals, equipment, and parts manufacturers and distributors do not help the overall situation. The necessity of adjusting your business to the globalized world situation doesn’t mean you want or need to become an international corporation. It just means you may have to think like one. It means you’ll face immense competition with sellers, providers, and buyers from all over the world and in your very local market! If you do not anticipate or take advantage of these wild opportunities of fortune, this new competition will impact your business sooner or later. More than ever, the future of your business belongs to those who prepare for it today. Along with FREE inventory valued at $700, the PMC Xtreme provides significant additional worth:

It is not about seeing the future. It is about observing and understanding our present time and taking advantage of it. Presently, almost every industry supplier, distributor, and service center is experiencing shortages of some kind. Don’t get caught unprepared. No matter what you do, no matter what you don’t do, the clock is ticking. Wasted time is just lost time and can never be brought back. Stay efficient with your time by committing to PMC’s Xtreme gun. 

PMC is offering you an opportunity to become even more prepared, stock up on high ware #PMCXtreme gun parts, and save a lot of frustration at no extra cost to you, a $700.00 advantage to you, in Xtreme parts, “FREE!” PMC understands your disappointments. We’re all experiencing the same thing. Stay ahead of your competition, get ahead of the potential delivery issues, inventory shortages, and work as efficiently as possible. 

Starting now, until December 31st, 2021, with an already low overall cost of ownership, purchase #PMCEquipment’s #PMCXtreme spray gun and receive $700.00 if free parts!” 

  • 60+ sets documented on the same Diamond Plating Mixing Chambers and Engineered Resin Side Seal Set
  • $800+ savings on the initial investment
  • A complete rebuild is 45 minutes faster than competitive guns.
  • The cost of replacing parts on the Xtreme spray gun vs. competitive guns is $2,500-$3,800 less expensive per year per gun!
  • After spraying, the Xtreme spray gun can sit for eight days with just grease and will function normally when it’s time to spray
  • It is estimated that the gun can sit for up to 25 days after spraying, just with grease in the fitting. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen!

Don’t be caught unprepared. Stock up on high failure parts for your business. Stay prepared.